Back to school today

9 Sep

It was an extra long weekend – one that was well used! But we are back to the grind, especially as we get ready to hit the high holidays full force.

Lunch today is an old favorite – Amy’s Southwestern Style Burritos. There is something about the masa chunks in it that the kids really like. Since the other veggie burritos last week were a crime against burritos according to tween (teen liked them okay as it turns out) I reverted back to the Amy’s, especially since I found them on sale.

In addition we have some cut up apples (with fruit fresh)
dried mango
black beans
a couple of baby cookies


Now that lunch is out of the way, let’s get back to Rosh Hashanah. First a link:

Sweet Challah Dips from Busy in Brooklyn

I am 100% making the halva dip. And I am taking a page out of her book and making marzipan challah.

You know what – I might just make her whole Rosh Hashanah menu and call it a day.

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